Our Culture

"You get to do that where you work?"  We hear it often. 

Every engineering firm has their own culture.  It influences.  It differentiates.  It is dynamic ... ever developing.  At Bartlett Engineering, we work around a shared set of goals and values that form our culture.  A culture of caring about employees as much as caring about profit.  A culture of personal life / work balance.  A culture of integrity, open communication and professional development.   

Bartlett Engineering employees enjoy flexible work scheduling in a family-friendly environment.  We receive paid time off for community service.  A corporate chaplain has visited, ministering to employee needs.   Morning inspirational messages from the Word of God have been presented for all who want to attend.  Every Friday morning brings those gigantic, homemade sausage biscuits.  Employee birthdays have long been celebrated with a homemade pound cake from Mrs. Bartlett.  The annual picnic lunch at the North Carolina coast has been an enjoyable outing for our families.  Needless to say, employee turnover is rare at Bartlett Engineering.

We work hard, we have fun and we are compensated well.  But more importantly, we feel loved and appreciated by the Bartletts.