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Our Projects

We realize that each of our projects is special to its owner and, therefore, deserves our best effort. Though not straying from this mindset, we have chosen a sample of representative projects, both current and historical, that reflect the more notable ventures involving Bartlett Engineering.


Utility Relocation and Improvements for Barton College

-Wilson, North Carolina-

Lake Wilson.jpg

Lake Wilson 2019 Park Improvements

-Wilson, North Carolina-

Plans to pave the parking, drive, restrooms, park tables, and shelters.

Fleming Stadium.jpg

Historic Fleming Stadium Structural Repair

-Wilson, North Carolina-

Designed the plans to structurally reinforce the grandstands in preparation for baseball season.

Dog Park.jpg

Toisnot Wilson Dog Park

-Wilson, North Carolina-

Designed the dog park to include large dog and small dog areas, parking, utilities, and landscaping.

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